Removal of Forwarded Portion of Email to manipulate in DT

Here is my dilemma: I have a client forwarding to me 100s of emails that she received and sent. My goals are: (1) to strip off the forwarded portion to have the original email sent or received (including any threads and attachments) populate within DT3, (2) allow DT to use its email organization capabilities to have the email’s original date, sender and recipient be categorized in DT as sender and recipient so the DT user can see the chronological email order and the original sender and/or receiver.

Any creative ideas ?


Are you aware you can’t edit the content of imported emails? They are a fixed format.

The .eml is a text file and can be edited
I would try using an Applescript for this before importing to Devonthink

a client forwarding to me 100s of emails

Instead of forwarding; the .eml files can be transferred using a usb flash drive

Might be faster to buy your client a copy of DEVONthink, and have her import the emails to a database that she transfers to you. The chain of custody (if that matters) would be unbroken, which would not be the case if you essentially rewrite the emails with automation. (Automation that wouldn’t be simple to build and debug to make sure it is 100% accurate.)

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That is a great solution. Unfortunately, she is a Windows kind of gal.

Copying the emails onto the flash drive is would work and as mentioned in another response, the client is a Windows user. This is probably the best solution. Thanks all. LME