Remove individual items from Trash in DTPO?

In DevonTHINK Pro Office, rather than simply empty the entire Trash all at once, I would like to cull through the Trash and remove/delete files individually once I confirm that they are absolutely not needed anymore. I can find no way to do this. Is it possible to delete items from the Trash individually? Many thanks.

If you click on the Trash you can see the Trash cans related to any open database. If you right-click on the individual Trash Cans you can empty items only for that database.

In addition to emptying the trash from a single database, it is possible to drag items from one trash can to another. So, your culling could involve using an already-empty trash can as the collecting point for the stuff you really want to delete.

DEVONthink could be a bit friendlier in explaining this, e.g., in the case of a single database’s trash can being selected for emptying, the message should be be “Are you sure you want to remove the items in the [My Database] Trash …”. As it is, the message is ambiguous in scope.

That is a useful and very clever way to do exactly what I want to do. And in retrospect, quite obvious. Many thanks for the tip.