Remove large email attachments

In DTPO, is there a way to move large attachments from an email into their own document to allow for indexing. At best, removing them would be helpful but I am unable to find a way to do either. Opening the email in Mail and attempting to remove the attachment is not working either.

Any suggestions?

With the Mail message displayed in DTPO, e.g., in Three Panes view, click on the ‘Text’ icon in tbe navigation bar immediately above the pane in which the message is displayed. This will switch from Quick Look display to rich text display of the message, and allow you to select the attachment.

Then you may drag the attachment file into DTPO to capture it separately as a searchable document.

You now have two copies of the attached file in your database. The original copy will still be available within the message, if you open the message in Mail to view the attachment.

I was able to drag the attachment into a different group even without switch tot text view. The problem is, as the forum notes in many places, is that you have duplicate data. Even opening in mail and the selecting “Message->Remove Attachments”, the attachment is not removed.

I think the moral to this story is importing mail is best done through alternative methods, do handle mail attachments. It’s my understanding the attachments are not accessible through applescript either in DT so scripting a solution in mail do do the import sounds like the best option

You’ll want to confirm that you have the actual attachment and not just an icon. My experience is that dragging the ‘attachment’ from the non-text view just creates an icon file with the name ‘x-apple-attachment-icon-’