Remove license - 5 day restriction

I installed a copy of DT3 and used my last license seat for it. I want to wipe the drive and reinstall that machine, but it seems to be impossible to remove the license due to a date restriction policy of 5 days.

Do I need to remove the license before re-installing the complete machine? Or can I simply wipe the drive, reinstall macOS and DT3 and re-use the same license?

I guess YMMV, but I recently reformatted my MacBook and installed Catalina (don’t ask); of course I forgot to unregister DT on that device prior to reformatting. However, when I reinstalled DT on the fresh macOS install, DT had no worries when I provided my license data (I have two seats and the other was already active on a second device, and remains active). That lead me to assume that the copy is actually registered to the device via a unique device identifier rather than to an installation of macOS.

@BLUEFROG Can you confirm the license is device specific?

Yes, the license is per-machine.