Remove replicants: smart rule vs. drag and drop?

I have replicated files in two different groups within the same database, then I set a smart rule to move replicants in one group to trash. However, running this smart rule will move all replicants (including the copy I wanted to keep) to trash. Simple drag-and-drop works fine, that is, if I drag a replicant to trash, the other copy remains. Am I setting smart rule the wrong way or is this a bug? Thanks.

Please post a screen capture of the smart rule. Thanks.

Attached. Basically, I replicate papers to the group `iPad Reading’ which is synced to my iPad. Then after reading the papers, I remove the tag and run this smart rule to remove the replicant. But this rule actually moves the original file to trash as well. Is there anything I am setting up the wrong way? Thanks!

Shouldn’t you be selecting for “tag is iPad reading? You’re removing a tag that wasn’t there to start with…

Yeah, that ‘Remove tags’ step is redundant as it does nothing. I removed it as attached, but the smart rule still moves both the replicant and the original file to trash.

I have confirmed the behavior and yes, I’d say it’s a bug since the other instance wouldn’t be found in the same parent group.

Development will have to assess this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

The next release will finally improve this.