Remove Search Highlighting


In playing around and trying to learn all of the features in DT, I’ve managed to highlight a particular word in a document, and I’d like to know how to remove this highlighting. I did this by clicking on the Words button, and then double-clicking one of the listed words. Though it brought up the Search window, I clicked cancel, but it’s highlighted that word. Clearing the Search field doesn’t remove the highlighting of the particular word.


Deselect and reselect the document.

I have the document open in it’s own window, so deselecting & reselecting isn’t having any affect. Other than closing the document, and deselecting it, and respecting it, is there any other way?


No. And it’s not highlighting in a permanent way, so closing and opening it would clear them.

Sorry to open this thread again, but is it planned to add this feature anytime in DT3? I often search for PDFs by arbitrary words and find the highlighting annoying…