Remove toolbar

Is it at all possible to remove the toolbar when using DTP’s built-in text or rtf editor (either when it is embedded in the reading pane or popped out)? “Toolbar” is probably not the right word, but I am referring to the horizontal bar that contains the forward and back buttons, the paragraph, word, and character counts, and the lock, tag, hat, etc. icons. I want an extremely minimalist interface, and I find that this bar is sometimes distracting. I’d love to be able to get rid of it at my leisure. Is this possible?

Thanks for any suggestions. I’ve been opening .txt and .rtf files in Text Edit instead, but their functionality is sometimes limited. That is, I want the best of both worlds.


Use View > Full Screen > Document (shortcut: command+F7) to show only the document text and nothing else. The Ruler will display in Full Screen depending the option set with Format > Ruler > Show/Hide Ruler. The default Full Screen display is green text on black, which can be changed in DEVONthink > Preferences > Editing. Other settings are also available there – font, width of the text on screen.

Thanks for the reply, but I’m not necessarily interested in the full screen mode. I understand that and find it helpful at times. Rather, I want to know if there is a way to make a text editing window lose the visible bar at the top of the window (that is, the bar that has the back and forward buttons, the number of characters, words, and so on).

In other words: If I open up DTP and then double-click on a rtf or txt file, a window pops out, which allows me to edit the file. I want for this editor to appear without the bar across the top, since I find it distracting. Is there any setting (deep or obvious) that would hide this bar even when the window is not in full screen mode?

The perfect scenario would be for the window to look similar to a simple Text Edit window but come with the functionality of the built in DT editor.

If you right-click on the toolbar, does there not appear a menu with an entry “Hide toolbar”? (you can reenable it via the View menu)

Actually, it isn’t that toolbar I’m concerned about (i.e. the one with the customizable set of icons). I want to hide the bar right below that–the one with a forward and back arrow, which also lists the number of words, characters, paragraphs, etc.