Remove URLs from Evernote Imports


I pulled in a number of Evernote notes using the integrated script in DTP, but they all came with URLs that link back to Evernote. I’d like to remove all of these URLs since I deleted the notes in Evernote after importing them into DTP. Is there a way to do this for multiple notes at once? Or do I have to do it note by note?


You could use this script

tell application id "DNtp"
	set theDatabase to current database
	set theSelection to the selection
	repeat with thisItem in theSelection
		set the URL of thisItem to ""
	end repeat
end tell

Make a selection of documents and run the script. Use judiciously. There’s no going back – it will delete the URLs from the selected documents and once the URLs are gone, they’re gone.

Thank you. This is perfect!