remove urls


I copy stuff from webpages into rtf files in DTPro.

However I would most of the time want to remove th url link in the url column.

Is there a script that can do this automagically for me?


PS/ i know nothing about apple scripts

The URL metadata of a Web clipping RTF documents the source page of the clipping, and I regard that as potentially useful information.

The URL column displayed in a view window displays the URLs of documents in the list. As that column takes up real estate on the screen, I often want to make it disappear, which can be done by selecting View > Columns and unchecking URL. If it’s checked, the URL column will take up space whether or not there are URLs associated with the listed documents.

Just curious about why you wish to get rid of the URL metadata.


remember curiosity killed the cat! But if you are willing to risk it I will answer your question.

Its not so much the original url that I want to get rid of as certain links in the document.

But let me explain what type of document I am “copying”.

I access a database that contains certain text with commentaries, fotnotes and references. All of theses fotnotes, commentaries etc are actually links to other documents in the external database. Now if I copy a page from that database and add it to DTpro I have no use for “links” to other pages inside the external database. The reason I copy the page is to access it when I am offline using DTPro. If i need a link i will copy that document as well and add a link in the text. So what I really want is to get rid of all “external” links in the document.

I hope this at least answers the question “why” even if it does not adress the “how” .

If you select all the text in the document and choose Format>Remove Link (shift-cmd-M), will that do what you need?

Yes it appears to work, i will check that more closely. Thanks for the tip… should have seen that myself :slight_smile:

Or use WordService’s Remove Links command.