Removed tags appear again


First of all many thanks for a wonderful forum. Learn stuff every day.

I have used DEVONthink for a couple of years. To be honest have mostly imported files and have not cared that much about organization. The last couple of months i have started to organize. The latest project i have done is removal of tags (duplicates & unnecessary tags) but tags start to appear again after removal.
I went to tags → then all tags (non database specific) → then removed a bunch of tags.
Then today all the duplicates are back.

How is possible? What am i doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance and for your time,

Check you are not automatically applying the tags through inheritance from a group, That would cause them to be reapplied.

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Thanks for the kind words! We’re glad you’re here.

How is possible? What am i doing wrong? Any suggestions?

There isn’t enough information to answer this.

  • Are you referring to tags reappearing on documents?
    • If so, they’re likely from nested (hierarchical) tags.
  • Are you referring to tag groups reappearing in the Tags group of a database?
    • If so, are you syncing with DEVONthink or DEVONthink To Go on another device?

Thanks for your answers, really appreciate it! :slight_smile:

I will try to make sense both in DEVONthink technical language and english haha.

I read about nested tags and that dosent feel like my issue (?)
Made screenshot of where i am in DEVONthink. You see tags that do not have any documents assign to them. You see multiple tags with the same name. What i had done was removing all duplicates (draging documents from one tag to the other and removning one or more of the same namned tag. Also removning tags with no documents assign to them. Everything looked as i wanted it to look (with no duplicate tags and no unused tags) yesterday but today they are back. At least many of them.

Regarding DEVONthink to go i have used until now. I removed the sync to my Iphone because i suspected it could be the culprit.

Hopefully i make som kind of sense.

You see multiple tags with the same name.

That is not an error. With the top-level Tags selected, you are looking at a union of the Tags group of all open databases. If you use tag A in databases 01 and 02, you will see two tag A’s here.

Generally, you should look at the individual database’s Tags groups when doing cleanup.

Thanks for world class support. On a Saturday. Fantastic.
I will change tactics.

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You’re very welcome :slight_smile: