removing duplicate pdf's in DT

After restoring a corrupted database, I’ve ended up with a bunch of duplicate imported PDF’s, which the Duplicate Smart Group so nicely shows. About 900 of them in my case.

Are there any scripts or tricks to delete just the duplicated content, leaving just one copy of each PDF ?



I have the same or similar problem. I have a very large folder of “orphans” created by DTPO that show up as duplicates, and a very large number of ungrouped duplicates in the Duplicate Smart Folder that seem to duplicate other files that are already organized in groups. I see that there is an Applescript that removes duplicates, but I don’t see how it decides which duplicated file it removes.

Ideally, I’d like to remove duplicates that are NOT in a group folder, so that the automatic classify will work with the remaining nonduplicate files.

Select the results of the smart group, then use Scripts > Data > Move Duplicates To Trash.

You could add the “Location” column to the smart group, sort the results by location, select only those results without a location and finally run the script.

Thanks, Christian, I think that might work. I’ll try it tonight. There are some other weird things in the DB (after verify, etc.) so I want to think this through as I do it.