Removing Indexed Folders

I had recently been experimenting with indexed folders. If I tick the synchronise box this is potentially a good way for me to get a set of files into my iPhone to support a particular project or event. I think from reading some other posts i got gremlins due to in the middle of this trying to migrate to iCloud sync. For example it didn’t seem that the sync was two way, but when I deleted the indexed folder all my original files were deleted as is foreshadowed in the delete warning message. However in some other scenarios the sync only seemed to work in one direction. I am a little confused about the indexing procedure and how would you delete an index folder without losing original files - do you switch off synchronise? What is best prectice in this area?

Deleting indexed folders where?

Sync is bi-directional by design.

If you delete from DTP a indexed folder which is synchronised (not surprisingly) you also delete the files at “source”. I presume the way to remove a synchronised indexed folder is to turn off sync and then delete?

Once you enable the sync, the group will be deleted from the other syncing devices too. Sync is a mirroring sync. You can’t have the database in two different states, ie. one machine with the group deleted and another with it intact.