Removing Replicant status

I imported about 20 documents into my inbox and they are labeled as “Replicant” and coloured red. I have searched through my databases manually and do not have any duplicates or replicants of replicants.

I cannot see any method for turning replicants back into normal, non replicant files. How can I remove the “Replicant” status without deleting the files?

To remove the replicant designation, delete all replicants (except 1)
Replicants can be located using Instances in the info inspector panel

Hi, I’ve already done that step and my docs are still considered Replicants in the inspector and they are still coloured red when I view the document list.

Is there anything else I can try?

Sorry if this is obvious, but have you tried quitting DT, rebooting and then launching DT again?

Edit: …and emptying the DT trash before you do so.


The red groups in the popup are the ones containing the replicants, there’s one in both groups. Just remove the undesired one.

Right now if I delete the replicant, I will delete the only copy I have of the document.

Currently it shows the documents I’m concerned with in red and labelled as replicant, while it shows 0 duplicates

Does the inbox contain any sensitive/personal data? Otherwise please export it via File > Export > Database Archive… and send the archive (ideally a cloud download link) to cgrunenberg - at - as the screenshot looks indeed kind of unexpected. Thank you!

Thank you for the archive! The replicated items are located in both the global inbox and its Tags group. Did you organize the Tags group on your own in some way?

No I have not altered the tags group. I simply dragged the items from the finder onto DT3 to import them, after which I realized that all I had were replicants listed.

Are you able to reproduce this by importing an item to a new database?

I just imported 18 new docs and they all came in without the replicant designation.

The same docs or different ones?

Have you created or added any smart rules in the Navigate sidebar?

Different docs since I no longer have the originals after importing.

No I have not modified or added any Smart Rules since the installation of DT3.

Please let us know if you should be able to reproduce this. In the meantime removing the unnecessary replicants from the Tags group should fix this.

I moved/relocated the affected files from the global Inbox to their permanent location within another, separate DT3 database and the “Replicant” status has disappeared after the move.

All subsequent PDF imports have been properly attributed and I no longer appear to have the problem.

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Excellent - were very glad to hear it!