Removing Replicas from a Folder

Is there a script that can allow me to remove replicas from a specific folder, but allow the replicas to remain in other folders?

I ended up deleting a bunch of replicas from folders I did not want to have, and the entries are not to be found anywhere now. I have not lost anything since I still have copies in Journler, but it will be good to know in the future how to go about this issue.

Here are more details about how I created the folders if details are necessary. It might be helpful because as far as I understand there is such a thing as a ‘root’ replica. I first created Folder 1; in it, I nested Folders 1.1 and 1.2. Folder 1 included items A through Z. In Folder 1.1, in replicated items A through M and in Folder 1.2, I replicated the remainder. Later, I changed my mind, and wanted to have Folder 1.2 as a subfolder for Folder 2, so in effect Folder 1.2 became Folder 2.1. To do this, I simply dragged Folder 1.2 into Folder 2. However, I did not want any more Folder 1 to contain the same replicas that Folder 1.2 contained. When I selected items A through M in Folder 1, all instances of the replicas were deleted. Instead, I wish there was a way for me to select the replicas in Folder 1 and tell them to not be replicas and to get out of the folder but remain in the other folders.

It should be sufficient to move the replicant to the trash and to empty the trash. Did you replicate the folders or the documents?