Removing stray items in database package

There have been at least two occasions when I have been trying to dump a large folder from the Finder into one of my databases. In the process of these imports, DTO has crashed. After my most recent crash, I looked at the package contents of the database, and it looks like many of the items from the import made it into the package, but are not in the index (i.e., are not in my database as accessible through the program).

I’m not sure what to do about this. Is there any way of cleaning out this material? Is that what the “rebuild” function is for?

On a separate note, any advice for the best way to import a large folder (i.e., about a gig of pdfs and documents) without making the program crash?


Tools > Verify & Repair is able to detect orphaned files and to add them again to the database. If that should crash too, then please send the crash log to our support address. Thanks!