Removing stuff from captured pdf


I am converting RSS articles to pdf’s to make sure that they do not disappear.
This tends to mean I am getting a lot of additional stuff in the document that I just don’t need.

How best to remove please?
I have searched to see if there are any recommendations for doing this, but couldn’t find any. Anyone else have the need and is doing this please?


I have also just noticed that the text is captured at the width that it is displayed at; obvious in hindsight :slight_smile:

However, this now means I have a load of pdfs that have very very long lines of text (I have quite a big monitor).

What would be the best way of reducing the lines? I am guessing editing each file to how I want and re-saving; just want to check before starting all that work.

You mean extra pages - or extra stuff on a given page? To remove extra pages in a PDF, select the page you want to delete and use Edit > Delete Selected Page. To delete stuff on a given page, you’d need an app that can crop PDFs. DEVONthink cannot crop - but Skim (a free PDF tool) can.

Yep. :cry:

k, not the end of the world, thanks for the software to help.