Rename a Synced Database

I need to rename a couple of my databases, all of which are synced via Dropbox between two Macs and my iPad+iPhone. What is the best way to do this?

Clearly, I can rename the database itself (easy) … and the internal name of the database (in Database Properties). But what about the database name used for sync? Do I have to be careful about this? Will DT get confused when a database that is synced is renamed?


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The name of a database doesn’t matter, the sync uses the internal ID. And after renaming a database in the database properties, this change should actually be synchronized afterwards.


I changed the name of a database by directly clicking on the title in the Sidebar, rather than through Database Properties. This seems to have changed the filename of the database file itself. I wasn’t expecting that to happen, but now the database isn’t syncing properly with DTTG (over Dropbox, fwiw). I manually changed the name of the database in DTTG to match with the new name, but this hasn’t done the trick.

I am thinking about just deleting my database in DTTG and re-syncing from scratch, but before I do that, is there some other way to get things working again?

For anyone’s reference, a thread from a couple years ago about this topic.

Since version 3 changing the name/comment of databases updates the Finder name/comments, no matter whether via the sidebar or database properties.

The name doesn’t even matter to the synchronization. Is anything logged (on the Mac e.g. to Windows > Log) and a verification of the sync store successful?

Understood about the renaming conventions.

Yes, there were a couple of strange entries in the log, please see the attached. Below you’ll find the verification of the sync store. I don’t know if this is relevant, but maybe it’s worth mentioning that I just rebuilt the database.

Rebuilding the database isn’t necessary and rebuilds only the local database. To fix persistent sync store issues it’s necessary to clean the sync store and to upload the databases again. In this case reducing the number of concurrent connections (see Preferences > Sync) might be sufficient.

Yes, cleaning the sync store has things back to normal. Thanks.