Rename database in DTPro baffling ??? or not ?

I create “testdatabase 03”.
The database is in folder open database.
I change the name in menue -> database-properties to “testdatabase 04”.
The database is now named in folder open database “testdatabase 04”.
In system -> finder there is the old name “testdatabase 03”.
I close the database.
In folder used database the name is old “testdatabase 03” ???
I open database again and I the name is new “testdatabase 04” ???

and so on.

I’m not so agree with this behavior.


The name of the database is stored in “Settings.plist” inside the package and will be only changed upon closing the database.

The name of the package itself has no influence on the name of the database and you can adapt it by hand to match it the name of your database if you like.


Comment: ALWAYS close a database before changing the name of the database file in the Finder.