Rename Files & Folders (DT) - not working for me

I just purchased DT, primarily to work with massive pdf collections.

To start learning DT, I wanted to rename pdf file names for consistency with my colleagues and for use with other applications. Yes, I want the OS X Finder names to match the DT database names.

I want the pdf files externally attached to the DT database (leaving files on their original volume) so I used a test folder of a dozen pdf files, brought them into a new DT database by the indexing method, and renamed a few.

I cannot get the “Rename Files & Folders” script to work, although I get the pop-up dialogue box and click OK. The “Rename External Files.scpt” is present in my user application support folder for DT. Also, a few other scripts I tested are working fine.

I’ve searched the forums for tricks or tips, but I must be missing something only a neophyte could miss!


OS 10.4.6 with all current updates.
DEVONthink 1.1.1

badger, the script worked for me. In the Name column I selected the group in a test database, then invoked the script. The files in the corresponding folder were renamed.

But I don’t approach things this way. I don’t try to keep the Finder files corresponding to their organization in my DT Pro database. I freely rename and move around the PDF documents in my database, knowing that DT Pro can find the originals through their Paths. If I choose Launch Path the PDF will open under Preview or Acrobat (whichever I’ve instructed the Finder to use as the parent application).

Now suppose that I wanted to create in the Finder folders and files corresponding in name and organization to the names of the groups and documents in my database.

That’s easy. I select the desired group(s) in my topmost view, then choose File > Export > Files & Folders to a target folder of my choice (I usually create it first). Presto: The files and folders are organized and named as in my database.

Note that my database Paths would still, however, point to the originally Indexed PDF files, with their original names.

Of course, I could always create a new database and Index the folders and files I had just exported. Now the Finder and database organization and file/document names are the same. I don’t bother.

If your colleagues are like mine, any attempt to maintain consistency of file names and folder organization in the Finder is probably doomed to failure. Some of my friends dump PDFs into a single folder, usually not bothering to change the file name, which may be very cryptic. Others almost obsessively keep changing folder/file organization and rename files frequently.

As it’s much easier to rename documents and organize them in the DT Pro database than in the Finder, I don’t bother with the Finder. But if I need to, I can quickly generate in the Finder a large set of PDFs corresponding to the organization and file names in my database.

Really easy: just select one or more groups from a view in DT Pro and drag them to the Finder or your Desktop. Done.

There’s a bug in DT Pro 1.1.x and the script fails if you’re trying to rename indexed files/folders. Version 1.1.2 will fix this.

Fast and complete technical support!

I appreciate Bill DeVille’s approach, and I am thankful for his thoughtful response, but that is not the approach I will be using (for good reasons).

Instead, I will wait for the bug correction in version 1.1.2.

When can we expect this maintenance release?

V1.1.2 should be available next month.

Just to be sure: the script fails both for indexed files/folders AND for imported files/folders. Or am I doing something wrong?

Of course, if you use the “Show in Finder” command (for imported files), you are not really seeing the actual OS Finder view, you are seeing a simulated Finder view within the DEVON database. Is this true?

Therefore, until the v.1.1.2 script fix, the way to rename files is:
Import (pdf) files into database,
Rename files in database,
Export files (with new names),
Delete corresponding original files with old names.

Thanks for your patience.

No. This is a real Finder window as packages (like the .dtBase packages of DT Pro) are just folders.

Any update on when the updated script (or v.1.1.2) will be available?

Can a fixed, updated script be used with the current v1.1.1? I’d sure like to have it.


It’s not a bug of the script, it’s a bug of DT Pro 1.1.1. But the next release should be avaible this summer and will fix this.