Rename Inbox-folder

I’ll include an images to describe what I’m trying to do. It’s a minor annoyance, but nevertheless an annoyance.

First, I’ve added a shortcut to the DevonThink Inbox folder in Finders favorites pane. I use it to quickly drop files from my download folder into DevonThink.

So far, so good. It works brilliantly. To make it a bit more descriptive, I’d prefer to rename the folder from “Inbox” to “DevonThink”. However, the label name is the folder name. Renaming the label also renames the Inbox folder itself:

That breaks the import function immediately. I’ve tried to alias my Inbox folder to DevonThink, but an alias won’t attach as a folder to the favorites pane of Finder. Also, I’ve tried to alias my DevonThink folder as Inbox, but that doesn’t work either.

Question: Is there any way to do this the way I want it - ie to choose the name and/or location of the Inbox folder?

Welcome @Vegard
No, you should not rename the Inbox, especially in the Finder’s sidebar as this renames the actual item in the filesystem.

Nor should the Inbox be relocated from its default location.

So, what you’re saying is it can’t be done. I’d just prefer the favorite label to describe the service, not the function within the service.

I’ll probably get over it, eventually

Correct, it can’t be done. This is a core component of DEVONthink and should be treated as if it was similar to any core file that shouldn’t be renamed or removed.

I have not tried but would a Finder alias work that you rename then to your liking?

You can add an alias to the sidebar, but…

  1. You have to remove the Inbox from it first.
  2. You cannot drag and drop to the alias in the sidebar. It would still give you access, I suppose.

Hm… You’re right. Didn’t try that.

However, that doesn’t solve anything as long as the alias doesn’t accept dropped files. That’s what I use it for in the first place.


this can be solved by creating an automation with Automator:

  1. Create an empty folder at any location with the desired name
    • For example create a folder called “Devonthink” in the Databases folder in your home folder
  2. Create a new document in Automator and choose Folder Action as type:
    1. On the top it says Folder Action receives files and folders added to
      • Select Choose folder and select your folder created in 1)
    2. On the left under Library > Files & Folders:
      • Select Move Finder Items and drag it to the right
    3. Under To: replace Desktop with the Inbox folder under:
      • /<your-home-folder>/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3
      • You may need to make the Library folder visible first by:
        1. Going to your home folder in Finder
        2. Press CMD + J
        3. Tick Show Folder Library
    4. Save the automation script:
      • Give it a useful name like DT-Move-To-Inbox
  3. Drag the folder from 1) into the Favorites section in Finder

Now you are done and you can use the folder like the Inbox folder :tada:

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