Rename item in Readling list

When we register a reading list, it’s nice to have the page information as well.
This replaces even the bookmark function
but The item name didn’t change.
I wish I could label even the name. It would be nice if the document names were also separated.

For more powerful organizing it’s usually recommended to store bookmarks in a database, not inside the reading list.

But renaming a database item which is part of the reading list should also update the reading list, just checked this.

I don’t understand well.

What does it mean to put bookmarks in the database?
Is there a bookmark function in devonthink?

actually I need the same bookmark function as in “pdfexert” for example

Bookmarks are discussed in the DEVONthink Manual page 42 (3.6.2 version). Same content in Help. Perhaps take a look there.

You cannot add bookmarks to a PDF in DEVONthink. There is no standard mechanism for bookmarks and we don’t want to create a proprietary format that won’t work in other applications.

That’s good for that reason.

But for that reason
It would be nice if you broaden the range of “toc(table of contetns)” utilization.
Create toc, edit it, and make it a hierarchical structure…
TOC is a pdf universal structure.

Currently, you can only read toc in devonthink right?

If it exists, yes.