Rename pdf in DTP renames physical file in .dtbase package?


When I rename a pdf in DTP’s browser window, it is not physically renamed in the database. When I attempt to export it to it’s initial location in the Finder, the Finder tells me that there is already a file with the same name (but I changed the name in DTP).

Physical renaming would be very handy especially when I import from something like Bookends, OCR a pdf, change the name, make notes etc and export it back to the Bookends attachments folder.

Is there something I’m doing incorrectly?


Hi, milhouse. It depends on how you send your files to the Finder.

If you use File > Export > Files & Folders, the file will be saved to the Finder by the file name you gave it in DT Pro.

But if you drag the file to the Finder, it will be saved under the original file name.

Ah, that clears things up.

I guess the physical file in the DTP database is not renamed then?

Just curious.


Hi, milhouse. You’ve got it – DT Pro doesn’t change the file name when it’s imported, or even when you assign it a new name in DT Pro.

But if you export your renamed files as described above, that will do exactly what you hoped for.