Renamed documents disappear before my eyes

I’m doing this as I write:

  1. I take either an RTF or Formatted Note. The notes shows up in the document list as “New Rich Text X”, for example. So far, so good.
  2. Now I want to rename the note and file it in a group. So I highlight the file name in the file list, and type a new name. “Test One” for example.
  3. After about 5 second, the document disappears. And I can’t find it by searching.

What am I doing wrong?

Which version/edition do you use?

Version 3.0 beta1.

maybe you have a smartrule that moves a duplicate note in the trash… I recommend to check which smartrules are activated in your DT3

Thanks, but no smart rules here.

How do you exactly create the new docs? Does this still happen after disabling sync and closing all databases?

It’s not a problem of creating documents. The problem is that existing files are deleted upon renaming.
I have DT3-b1 open on my laptop. My database is an index of my dropbox files. The DT database resides on a desktop mac, and the laptop DT3 is synced to the desktop database. My dropbox files are also synced to my laptop through (obviously) Dropbox.
I am reading a file in DT on the laptop. I select the file in DT and rename it. It sits there for a moment, and then deletes itself. I can find it in the online dropbox website as deleted file (with the new name), and I can restore it to my laptop dropbox folder. DT3 then re-indexes it and it shows up with the new name. IF I DISABLE syncing and close the databases, then I don’t have access to my files in DT3 on the laptop.

And does this only happen in case of indexed items located in the Dropbox folder or also in case of imported items or indexed items located in other folders? Does it work after terminating the Dropbox client app?

I purchased the upgrade, but I may have to wait for the stable release to use it in my professional work. I’m not going to terminate the Dropbox client app, which I rely upon every day in my work. Maybe I’m the only one who’s having this problem.

I didn’t suggest to stop using the Dropbox client app. But it would be great to check whether the problem is fixed after quitting this app temporarily. Thanks!