Renaming tags

I have indexed several thousand files from my mac. I have hundreds of tags that use capital letters and lowercase letters and I would like to rename them using all lowercase letters. So a couple of questions:

1] Do I perform the renaming in Finder?
2] If I perform the renaming in DTPO will that transfer to the Finder on the next index update?
3] Is there an easy way to tag multiple items in DTPO?
4] Is there a third-party app that might be able to handle this with ease?

Thanks for any help you might proffer!

Yes, as this should propagate to DEVONthink when you updated the indexed items.

No. This would not be a reliable thing to do.

You can select multiple items and use Tools > Show Info to add a common Tag.

None I’m aware of.

Thanks, that’s kind of what I’ve been doing. I was hoping there was some great bit of software out there that allow to change tags easily.

Thanks, again!

No problem.