Rendering web pages

I wonder if DevonThink users have had recently bad experience with the webkit and with rendering web pages. Maybe are my settings but lately I have issues with DT and the web.
I have installed Yosemite (10.10.1) and the latest DT.
One example. and in particular gmail. I do not get anymore the graphical toolbar on the top (I get only a long orizontal list of names of functions: settings etc.) and I do not get/see in gmail the right sidebar with google chat. In Safari, Firefox etc. all the gmail pages and functions are rendered very well.
On the same subject. I am annoyed by the fact that any time I download a file from the internet DT creates a folder with a useless file (DevonStorage or something like this) and the file requested. It sometimes creates folders inside folders inside folders. Very annoying!
I use a lot DV as my web browser in substitution of Safari, but it is not really a substitution of it.
I must admit that lately I am not satisfied with DT…
Thank you.

DEVONthink is indeed not a web browser and therefore both downloading to a folder or to a database retain the original site structure (especially for site sucking). If you usually download only files added by yourself to the download manager, then it’s recommended to download to a database (e.g. the global inbox).

Thank you for your reply. I understand better now this issue. But I am still having the issue with rendering the web pages in particular gmail and google. It may be that Google has changed its design for its web pages. It may be also some issue with javascript…
Thank you anyway.
To be more specific please compare the two images of the same identical url.