Renewed request: Mellel & OmniOutliner support

Thanks for the DT 2.0 development status announcement today! Excellent!

Here is a renewed request regarding “Support for many common file formats” & “Documents are stored as-is, can be edited externally” (depending on how implemented):
• Requesting Mellel support - I feel the most flexible, cleanest and robust word processor and supports many language;
• Requesting OmniOutliner support.

Your serious consideration of these formats is most appreciated.

I’m curious, does anyone have OmniOutliner Pro and have you tried export to dynamic HTML? If you import this as a webarchive, does the whole outline become searchable in DTPO?

I only have the regular version of OmniOutliner and if I export to HTML, it only exports the rows that I have expanded, not the whole outline.


I have OmniOutliner Pro v3.6.5. I just ran a test and yes, exporting to HTML (dynamic) does give a searchable index.html page. Also the rendered page displays the row triangles which can be selected to open/display or close the indented sublevels (opened in DEVONthink Pro, DEVONagent, Safari, and Firefox).

Note, I only tested a single column outline with about four sublevels of indentation. I import everything into DTP (versus indexing).

A sample of the html generated table for a sublevel title “Documents Created” is:

Documents Created

The contents of the folder created by export (for my sample outline) are:

Hope this helps.


Thanks Stephen!

So that could be a work-around for those with OmniOutliner Pro.

I’d like to see OmniOutliner support in DTP, but until OO supports Quick Look, that might not be practical.

I’m itching for Mellel support as well, but I o think this is a Mellel issue, not DT.

From what I understand, any files that create support for quicklook and spotlight will be supported in DT. I’m hoping Skim will also provide quicklook support.

I have made this request in the Mellel forum, but I suggest DT and Mellel users do the same. Quicklook and Spotlight support for Mellel is needed.

That’s correct.

Sorry if this is inappropriate, but… :blush:

Mellel is on sale for 50% off at maczot this weekend.

I’ve been using Mellel for a couple of years now and have just recently been looking at DTPro. After realizing that Mellel files are invisible to DTP, I scanned the Forums (both here and Mellel) and discovered that this issue has been discussed for quite a while, with DTP 2.0 occasionally identified as the occasion for Mellel integration. Since 2.0 has been promised this year, and since for me Mellel integration is a deal-breaker, I thought it worth asking whether there might be any news about Mellel integration in DTP 2.0.

Is there?


DEVONthink 2 will depend on the existence of plugins provided by developers of proprietary file formats such as Mellel. As far as I can tell, there’s not yet a Quick Look plugin for Mellel, which would allow Leopard users to view Mellel documents via Quick Look.

However, on the Mellel forum I came across a developer post that notes plans to introduce a Quick Look plugin in version 2.5.5. See

This is good news.

Thanks for the quick reply.