reordering rows in a sheet

I know there was already a post about reorganizing columns in a sheet, can the rows be reorganized as well? I assumed that I would just be able to drag and drop the rows to reorganize them, and was very disgruntled to see that this is not the case. Is there any way to reorganize rows in a sheet?

Why not add a column called “#” to your sheet, an number the entries? Say you want to move record#10 between record#2 and record#3. Then change #10 to #2.1, for example, and reorder the records according to # :wink: Can this help you?


You can “drag and drop the rows to reorganize them.”
The order of records inside a sheet reflects the order of the individual records in folder/document etc list on the left. As long as sorting is set to “Unsorted” you can manually move the individual record up and down the list and that order will be presented when you next choose the parent/Sheet document.

Sweet, there’s the answer I was looking for. Thanks so much.

follow-up question:

how do I set the records to be “unsorted”?. The “unsorted” option from the View/sort menu is always inactive, regardless of what I have selected…