Repair database by syncing not possible

I have synced my databases with Dropbox.

One of the the computer doesn’t sync anymore: there are 30 files missing du to a hard disk power off.
The same files are still present on the other computer, but the “bad” computer doesn’t sync any more.

How can i get synched the “bad” database in order to retieve the 30 files automatically?

Synchronizing isn’t able to fix damaged databases and therefore issues block it. However, in this case it might be possible via File > Download Pending Items.

Download pending files is grayed!

Did you select the missing files first?

It is not possible to reveal all 30 missing files in the same time?

And even if select ONE the item “donwload” stays grayed.

A screenshot of the logged error messages would be useful as this should be possible.

This is actually a different issue which the extended verification of version 3.8.1 discovers (e.g. automatically before synchronizing).

Such items are not missing files (file doesn’t exist at expected path), these items do not even have a path (and therefore no file).

However, File > Download Pending Items supports only pending files and missing files.

so what should i do? download a whole copy of the DB from the other computer?

By the way, i think there should be really an automatic SmartGroup “Missing Files”

You could check whether the files are still okay on another computer/device and in that case duplicate them.

That’s a lot of work for 30 files, one by one! I think i will redownload whole DB.

Really, i think that Devon should offer an automatic smartgroup with all missing files.

And /or “Search for missing files” in a Finder-Window.

Photoshop Lightroom for example offers, when the Photo database cannot fin photos any more,

  • a menu item “Missing photos”
  • and, when you relink one of the photos, the possibility to link all other missing files in the same folder.

Lightroom isn’t accessing files in disparate locations like DEVONthink does when indexing. Files may be missing from many locations.

That’s basically what File > Verify & Repair Database… does (and this operation is way too slow for a smart group, e.g. in case of hundreds of indexed files located on a network volume), the results are logged to Windows > Log and can be trashed/revealed via the contextual menu.

Blockquote the results are logged to Windows > Log and can be trashed/revealed via the contextual menu.

one by one, that’s way too slow, too!

and please , once again:

please let pop up a POSITIVE report when Verify &Repair is finished…

It is really not ergonomic that you have to verify manually if this is really finished and OK

You could select all of the logged items and move them (temporarily) to the trash and check them there.

will try. But there is a problem: i tried another workaround and copied the two groups with the broken data, from the computer where ist is still OK, to a new database. But when i tried to copy the files on the “broken” computer into the database, ihave this message:

And what does this mean please? Neither donwloadable, neither available?