Repair Failed

Another thread, (Duplicate files not showing as duplicates) has prompted me to ask about an abiding problem that I have lived with for some time. I regularly run Tools>Verify & Repair, and I always seem to come up with 2 orphaned files and so run repair with the result that I get the message “Repair failed 2 errors left”. Any suggestions for further action? Since reading the thread referred to above I have also downloaded and run COCKtail once but the problem still remains. :cry: Thanks for any help.

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It’s time to run Tools > Rebuild Database. Note that you can refile the orphan files into your databases.

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Thanks for this. I have done as you sugesst but still have 2 orphaned files, apparently, and the repair failed! But in the Orphaned File smart folder there are no files. Hmmph…

Have you looked at Window > Log after you do a V&R – at times more detail for the errors is listed there.

What is “thingy”?

No idea! I meant Cocktail—how the heck “thingy” got in is a mystery.

Well this is weird, I am tyoing obe thing and another is showing on the thread! Try agin but in capitaks COCKTAIL, lower case cocktail.

Right what is happening, apart from my appaling spelling :blush: In the other thread I mentioned earlier, (Duplicate files not showing as duplicates) Bill recommended a couple of maintenance applications and I downloaded and run the first one, it is the name of this that I am typing and that is coming out as thingy, try again Cocktail

Trying different versions of the word that is coming out wrong!!!


Well this is rather funny in a way! Anyone like to try it and see if it does the same?

By the way I am using DEVONagent Pro as my browser.

I see from Bill’s posting what thingy is. Not a browser issue - the forum’s acceptable-words filter does not like words formed from this set of characters {c,k,o}. What you’re trying to post is C0cktail – a very useful app, by the way. Changing the set to {c,k,0} is the trick for getting your message past the nanny.

Tanks Korm, that explains that then. I shall always from now on refer to my pre-dinner drink as a “Thingie” :laughing:

After that short diversion back to my original problem! Anu ideas on this one?

So, does the Log report more info when V&R fails?

This is a screen shot of the Log.

Does V&R create a group (not a smart group, a group) inside your “Genealogy Family File” databased, named “orphaned…”, that contains these files?

Yes, but greyed out.


Close the database. Close DEVONthink. Navigate to the database in Finder. Control-click the database package file and choose “Show Package Contents”. You’ll see something that looks like this:

Look in the folder named “Orphans”. Is there anything there?

Yes. What next? Grateful for help.