Repeated downloading of items from the syncstore

Hi, I am a long-time user of DEVONthink: thanks for a great product.
I am having a nagging problem, though. I have searched the forum for it, but I have not found a proper solution. May be it’s there, but I have not found it: excuse me if this is the case.

The issue is that Devonthink keeps downloading the same items every time I start it, and then every so often while Devonthink is working. A message box opens (see attachment): “SMV DTdata: Downloading Items from SMVDTdata-Dropbox…”, and there is a bar and another small text informing of the progress of 960 items (this figure is nearly always the same --sometimes it varies a little). This same message keeps appearing every now and then while DEVONthink is open.

Apparently, this does not preclude DEVONthink from working properly, but:
a) It could be a sign that something is actually malfunctioning, or about to malfunction; and
b) It is annoying!

Further info: my 50Gb+ local database is in my Macbook. The syncstore is in Dropbox (as suggested by the name of the .dtCloud file in the paragraph above). I use it to sync the databa with a couple of iPads and an iPhone.

Could anyone help me with this issue?
Thanks in advance!

Is a verification of the sync store (see contextual menu in Preferences > Sync) successful?

Hi, thanks for the fast response.
Yes, “Quickly verifying” the syncstore results in a “Location successfully verified” message.

A side question: Do you have local sync data in an /Dropbox/Apps/DEVONthink Packet Sync folder?

No, my local Dropbox/Apps folder does not contain anything related to DEVONthink.

I do not know if this could be relevant, but no “DEVONthink Packet Sync” folder seems to exist in my computer. My local DEVONthink database is located in “/users/myname/Aplicaciones/Devonthink Office Pro”. The only content of this folder is “SMV DTdata.dtBase2”).

(A “DEVONthink Packet Sync” folder does exist in my Dropbox cloud space, in “/Aplicaciones/Devonthink Packet Sync”).

N.B.: “Aplicaciones” is “Apps” in Spanish. MacOS localizes this and other system folders.

Please, any possible solution?

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug to start a support ticket.

Do your databases contain indexed files/folders and did you disable synchronizing of indexed contents (see options of sync location)?

I have 16 indexed files; no indexed folders, though. And no, I did not disable the synchronization of indexed content (see attachment). Could it help if I disable it?
Thanks again!

No, this wouldn’t help. I just wanted to check whether it’s related to not available indexed contents as synchronizing of indexed contents might be disabled. Therefore no need to disable it.