Repeated files in searches/smart groups

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.16.44 AM.pngAnyone know if there’s a way to do an advanced search (or a smart group) that excludes multiple listings of identical files in the search results? At the moment, if I do a name search for a certain term (say “Azteca”) it will turn up both a file with that word in its name, and also the folder that file is in if that also has “Azteca” in its name – which means the file occurs twice in the list of search results, both by itself and also within its folder. (See attached screen grab.) Whereas what I would like would be a “clean” list of items that have no repeats, so I can just scroll down through it knowing I am only encountering single instances of each file.
Any help much appreciated!

Yes. Add a criterion of Kind is Any Document. A Group isn’t a document so it should be filtered out.

Ah, but then I’d also lose any group that had the search-term in its title, but did NOT have the same term in the name of one its documents – and I wouldn’t want to miss out on such a group in my search. (E.g., I’d want my search to turn up a group that had “Azteca” in its name but not in the name of the documents it contained, while also listing documents elsewhere that did have “Azteca” in their names.) It’s only repetitions of the same document that I’d like to weed out…
Think that’s possible?

No, but if you only want to see the Group with Azteca just leave it closed. With it open, yes you will see other contents but if you’re restricting the search to Azteca, you don’t necessarily need to see the other non-matching contents.
Also, the file from within that group is already exposed outside it in the results. So technically, keeping the group closed shows ONLY the group and file that matches.