Repeated, random crashing in DT Pro Office 2.3.5

Anyone else having this problem? Causes? Solutions? I’m at a loss.

Not seeing a problem here. I’d suggest opening a support ticket and attaching one of the crash logs, if you have not done so already.

Also having repeated random crashes.


Yes, I am getting the same thing. Crashing all the time, during normal use, possibly when a web URL is involved.

I have submitted a bug report and the kernel dump to support.

This is in Mac OS X 10.7.4 - all was fine until I updated…

I am having this problem in 10.7.3.

I am also having random crashes with OS 10.5.8. I lose all my work from that session when it crashes. I am still on trial version of DT Pro. Any info on how to prevent this?

Crashes shouldn’t happen if you have a “clean” operating system, no memory problems, no disk directory or space problems and or no weird or damaged document files. I haven’t had any of my working databases crash in years.

To help diagnose your problem, please locate and attach or copy/paste to a message to Support a recent DEVONthink app crash report, which may be found at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/, or in the crash report section of the Console application.

It would also be helpful to attach screenshots of the Database Properties panel for your databases.