Replace Apples Notes and Notability

Is there a smart way to get a symbol/short cut on my iPhone and iPad so I can make short notes right away.

Striving to replace Notes and Notability so I just have one app. My favorite app :slight_smile:.

I can get bookmarks to sites as symbols but not sure if it is possible to do it with DTTG.

If your iPhone supports 3D Touch, you can hard press the DTTG icon and choose New Note (and it’s not just a beta feature. It has been in place for some time).

Too simple… as everything else with DEVONThink! Do not overthink it.

Thanks Jim, does not hurt to be reminded why I love DEVONThink so much.

App is great but also support here.

Glad to be of service. Cheers! :smiley:

Rumors (which are worth less than the tweeted rumor’s electrons) say 3D Touch is going away – that’s it’s not supported in the iPhone XR, e.g. Just saying.

Thanks for the heads-up, korm. I hadn’t heard that, but glad to be aware it’s possibly going to be deprecated.

It works perfect with my X and getting the new Xs on Friday so for me it work perfect!

If Apple does away with 3D Touch then probably all these shortcuts won’t work as well. Let’s see how apps behave on the iPhone XR when one long-press app icons. I would guess quite a few people rely on this feature.

Also, who uses DTTG on an iPhone :wink:
What about the iPad users?

I just got back from a 3 week European trip with only my iPhone X as my computing device. I used DTTG to access data from my Mac sync store (on Dropbox).

When home I use my iPad Pro most of the time and I rely on a workflow using Bear and PDF Expert to got PDF files of web pages to DDTG. I later use DTTG as needed to access these files. I use my Mac when I need to do some serious reorganizing and processing in DTPO.

More than half of all our users on iOS do, believe it or not.

Unfortunately this doesn’t work on my iPhone. I have Face ID set up to prompt immediately. I see the sheet, then the Face ID overlay appears, and then the sheet disappears and the app displays the last location. I’m not able to type new notes via the shortcut. How can I fix this?

Switch away from DTTG and wait for 45 seconds or so. Then switch to DTTG. Are you prompted for FaceID?

Yes, I am.

In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks!