Replace Apples Notes with DEVONThink

Is there a smart way of using DEVONThink instead of Apples Notes OR Notability?

I can see that in the iOS there is a possibility to create a note with both picture and sound!

So I do not need the scanner app to scan i.e. receipts in a store, can do that right in to DTTG.

Would love to be able to use the Pencil on my iPad PRO as well.

Need help with the MacOS version though. When I create a new note it ends up in the Global Inbox. My left pane does not show the Global Inbox but the Main Inbox for my database (to save screen room).

Is it possible to automatically create new notes in a preset group so I can share all my notes with my iOS units?

If not, can I make a mirror or move the Global Inbox so I don´t have to show an extra pane on the left side. Maybe do a smart Group with the same content as the Global Inbox?

Trying to get rid of apps (Notability and Notes) so I just use one app for all.


I would recommend the following:

a) Replace Notability directly with DevonThinkToGo(DTTG)

You could create a template PDF - File which you can duplicate and editing with your pencil. As DTTG is a document management system and not really a note taking app, I think this approach would fit. Otherwise you can do your handwritten notes in apps and take per x-callback-Url them to DTTG for import.

In the settings under Import you can choose from the options which database will be used for new documents (Select Group, Global inbox or active database).

Here again, with x-callback-URL you can create a workflow using apps like or Launchpad so it will get imported to the right place of your database from any app which supports open in features.

c) Global inbox

This is only another database which could be sync’ed using Sync-Stores quite easily between MAC and IOS. You do not have to mirror them manually.

Hope that helps.