Replace command


I wonder if I am the only one to feel a need for:

  • a global Replace command (not limited to the current document)
  • a shortct for a Replace and Find Next command


I have no need for this feature.

Like, maybe:

Hi Korm,

I need a global replace (not for the whole database, maybe, but for all the files of the current research) both to fix mistakes repeated in several documents, both for changing names at once.

As for the Find > in Database command, it seems to me that it moves the cursor to the Find box in the window’s titlebar, but does not allows for a Replace operation.


I see the reason why this request has not been done before. During the latest days I’ve been using DT as a writing environment, by breaking down my document as I would have done in Scrivener.

Obviously, I forgot that this is not a good idea – writing should be done in either Scrivener or, say, Nisus Writer and its outliner/navigator. DT should simply sit there in the background, as the memory extension of my wordprocessor.

Globally replacing could be dangerous, considering how big a database can be.