Replicant tags in information panel

I use a 1G DTP2 database, indexed from a 3G Finder source structured folder. I use logical filenames (Journal, date, author, title) and replicate to groups in DTP (subject, project, hard copy location etc.) The Finder folder has 4-5 levels, the groups structure can be even deeper. The Folder and Group names are descriptive and so not very short.
I often wanted to check which Group(s) I replicated to, but couldn’t find the information. Perusing the Forum I found out today that this information is in tags field in the information panel which I had until now checked without success.
The problem is that the dispay in the panel is too narrow to show all my tags. There is only space for two lines, 5 tags. I can just see the third line topsides.
The tags I do see are those of the Finder structure which I of course do not need! I only need the last ones (2 or 3) from the Group structure, the rest of the Group structure would be nice.
Is there any way to solve this, enlarging the panel, scrolling, reverse sequence or anything I cannot think of?

There’s no display for the locations of all replicants right now but this will come. In the meantime a workaround to check the locations is to use the contextual menu: E.g. right/control-click on a replicant, navigate to Move/Replicate/Duplicate To. The top of the submenu lists all parents.

Many Thanks!