Replicant to Duplicate conversion

A minor feature that would save me a couple steps would be an option to convert a replicant of a file to a duplicate of that file. My hope is for it be a one-step replacement for “duplicate/delete original replicant/rename/move to former position in unsorted file list”.

The context: I write articles for multiple platforms, and I find it’s easier to do that and maintain them if I write the articles in sections, with separate files for each section. I replicate most sections to groups representing each platform, then replace replicants with standalone files in cases when the content of that section can’t be the same across all the platforms. A simple conversion from a replicant to a duplicate would save a bit of effort if I’ve written a section as a replicant and decided later that it should contain platform-specific changes.

Of course, if I’ve overlooked a feature like that, or some other way to do this easily, do kindly let me know.

Speaking of, thanks for the replication feature to begin with - I haven’t run into it in other programs I’ve tried for writing these articles, and this section/replication approach has made maintenance of older articles a lot easier than it would be otherwise. Change in one place, change across all platforms. Then each article is a merge/copy/paste/submit away from being updated.

Select a replicant. CMD-D will make a duplicate.

Right, but then there are also the steps of deleting the replicant, renaming the duplicate (since the duplicate has “copy” appended to the end of the name), and then, because it creates the duplicate at the end of an unsorted list, move the duplicate up to where the replicant used to be.

I only suggest a “convert to duplicate” or such as a convenience feature. Sure I can do that with several steps, it would just be nice for me if it could be turned into a one-step process.

This should be easy to do with Applescript…

I did think about that, and I expect most of the steps could be done with Applescript. It’s the part where the duplicate would need to be moved back to where the replicant used to be that makes me doubt the entire process could be easily scripted. I’ll try to look at it sometime.

Eh, I suggest it because it would save me some steps, but it’s not a criticism of the software that the feature isn’t in there. If it’s easy to implement (and they don’t think it could confuse other users), then I’d love to see it. If not, I’ll just keep on as-is.

If you have a replicant in a group, and make a duplicate by CMD-D’ing that replicant in that group, then the duplicate is in the same place as the replicant - it doesn’t need to be “moved back” anywhere. Then press return and rename the duplicate. Hit return, press the up arrow, hit delete and remove the instance of the replicant in that group.

Try it. :confused:

I have tried it. Many times. It’s why I made the request!

Before duplicating, set the group you’re viewing to “Unsorted” via the View/Sort menu. Then make a list of files. Then select a file in the middle and hit command-D. When I do that I get a duplicate at the end of the list with a name like “filename copy”.

If the group is sorting by name then the duplicate will certainly show up in the same position as the original. But when a group’s contents are unsorted (manually sorted), new stuff gets created at the bottom of the list, duplicate or no.