Replicants And Syncing

On DTPO, I have a group “readme” on the top level of my database as well as the top level of the sync group. It contains replicants from the folder structure for quick access as well as articles which exist only in “readme”.

But on DTTG only the articles show up, not the replicants. However, the other instances of the replicants have been synced, as they exist in the folder structure in DTTG. They just don’t show up in the “readme” group.

Is it meant to work that way or a bug? Maybe replicants are not supported in DTTG?

How can I create a group for quick access for articles in DTTG?


To simplify the question:

Are replicants supposed to be synced to DTTG? If yes, is there anything I can do now (I’m tired of reinstalling)? Or “please wait for the next update”?

The simple answer is no, the current code does not support this capability.

As you have found, there are a number of arbitrary rules that determine how your desktop database is ‘translated’ into a similar structure in DTTG. It would be great if we could just move data across wholesale, but for a number of reasons that is not possible. We are continuing to work on a ‘universal’ sync feature that applies to multiple desktop computers, mobile devices, and ‘cloud’ storage. While we will continue to improve our support for equivalence in data representation between our desktop applications and DTTG, a more holistic solution that (hopefully) addresses everyone’s needs will have to await the ‘universal’ solution coming later this year.

Thanks. Would you care to give more information on how the database is ‘translated’ regarding replicants?

In particular, as far as I understand it, two or more replicants in DTP are indistinguishable, just pointers to the same document in the database. But only one of these replicants is syncronized to DTTG. Did I get that right? How can I tell in which group a document will appear in DTTG which exists replicated in various groups in DTP?