Replicants behavior in indexed folders

The behavior I find strange:

Suppose I have 2 replicants in 2 different locations which are indexed locations. The replicants are in the Database yet. I want to move it to external folder. To what external folder will it go?

Logically it should go to the location where it is indexed, but it goes to the location from where his brother was previously Moved into database… Or from where it was replicated… What is equally weird

A replicated item has multiple locations. If all of them are indexed, then one or the other folder might be used depending on the last actions as there’s no such thing like an original or primary location.

That is the problem. What if I don’t want it to depend on the last actions? Say, like in OP, I consсiousnessly came to the location and want the file to be here when I move it outside, and it appears in the different outside location…

What I would think a rational behavior, and may be as a desired feature: make a submenu for command “Move to External Folder” which would contain all indexed locations for this Item to choose where I want it to be outside the database. This would be very useful. I have many indexed groups containing files from other indexed groups and it takes a while now to get everything in order (in DT2 it was a bit another behavior).

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases.


I vote for this suggestion as well.