Replicants don't show up as replicants in info

I am seeing some strange replicant behavior. I have a file under a tag which I replicate to an existing group (call it Group A, using right click & replicate to -> Group A). I then change the original tag to a group using Exclude from Tagging (Group B). Now I should have a replicated file in two groups - Group A and Group B. I see the file in both places, but a search only brings up one location (which may be the default behavior for replicants). However, the files are not colored as replicants, and neither file shows any other replicants in the database using the info pane. Why aren’t these being treated as replicants?

Note that Group A is tagged with something else (call it Tag A) - and Tag A does show up on both instances of the file, suggesting they are behaving as replicants.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Groups and documents that are children of the Tags group are not going to be counted as replicants. If you move Group A and its document(s) out from under the Tags group into a “normal” group or the root of the database then you’ll see the replicant behavior (coloring, listing in Show Info) that you expect.