Replicants for syncing

My apologies if this question was already answered somewhere but didn’t find anything.

I just bought DT to go. I wanted to sync all my folders in my database. So I pulled replicants of all my groups into the sync folder. The sync works well.

My first question is, when I modify later any item, will this modification happen in the sync folder as well and later synced to my ipad? as far as I understood this should be the case and the advantages of replicants.

Second question, am I correct that these replicants will not take additional space in my sync folder?

Last question,I dragged a replicant group with 5 subgroups into my sync folder. Now I want to exclude one subgroup from syncing. When I delete this subgroup in the sync folder it gets deleted in my database as well. How can I handle this?
When I mark only the 4 subgroups and move them as replicants to my syncfolder, they move as replicants but as single groups and not as subgroups in the main group. The main group gets not replicated and moves to the syncfolder.

Thanks for any help.