Replicate Files in Indexed Folder

Here is my scenario. I have a large folder in iCloud Driver, and indexed in Devonthink. After I replicate a document from subfolder A to another subfolder B, I’m not able to see the document in subfolder B in Finder.

I understand that the document won’t be copied to subfolder B, otherwise it would be “duplicate” instead of “replicate”. But I expected that Devonthink would create an alias in subfolder B in Finder.

Did I miss anything? Is there a way for workaround?

Short answer, no. There is no workaround. Replicants in a DEVONthink database are not the same thing as a master document and an alias to that document in the Finder. Indexing documents in a database can be a wonderful feature, but they won’t always behave identically to documents in the Finder, and this is one of those cases.

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