Replicate notecards to appropriate 'tag' folder

Hi everybody,
waiting (and preparing to) the new tag feature I’m thinking about a script that could automatically replicate the ‘tags’-keywords typed in my notecard-like entry. Pity I’m a scripting dummy :confused:
My notecard template looks like this:


[the LINK to the bookends entry ]


keyword1; keyword2; etc.

As you can see I colourcode my personal thoughts in red and the keywords in bold and grey.
The script could work like this:

  1. I select a certain number of records
  2. the script should get all the keywords (colourcoded and separated by a semicolon) of each record
  3. check if in the folder named TAGS already exists a folder named “x”
  4. replicate each record in the appropriate(s) folder
    Is it possible?
    Thanks in advance

It’s possible but not trivial assuming that keywords are only defined by their color.

Uhm…I see. I’ve kind of 2 thousands notecards like this and would be a pain to ‘recode’ in a different way all the stuff. I thought applescript could ‘recognize’ properties of rich text.

The properties are only accessible as long as the rich text is visible in a view/window.

I see. And what if I change the template to:

@KEYWORDS: keyword1;keyword2; etc.

Or something alike?

That’s possible without requiring rich text or views/windows.