Replicate target choices

Hi, Devon forum,

I want to replicate files from one database to another, but when I Control-click I don’t get much of a selection; however, if I select Duplicate, I get a full selection of database target choices.

Why don’t I get those choices for Replicate?

Replicates have to be in the same database. Think of it like this: if you have an alias in a Finder folder that links to an original on a removable USB drive, and you remove that drive, then Finder will not locate the original and you will get a “not found” error. Similar thing with replicates – they are like aliases pointing to the original. If the original is offline (the source database is closed) the replicate would fail. Thus DT doesn’t give you a chance to do it and fail.

Duplicates are just that - copies that are no longer linked to the original. Thus, they can be anywhere.

The advantage of a replicate is that when the orignal changes then all copies changes (or if you change a copy you change the original). If you really need a replicant, here’s a workaround: keep the original in a Finder folder and index that original into all databases where you want to access the original.

Thanx for your input, and sorry for the delay.

I understand what you’re trying to get at with your analogy; but I don’t thinks it’s accurate nor valid. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if that theoretical USB is plugged in the alias will work.

Moreover, it would be great, and probably not technically hard for Devon to do, to allow replication from one database to another.

Put that on my wish list for the next iteration of DP!

OK, so I can’t replicate from one database to another. My only option is to copy (Duplicate)?

You’re not wrong. Plugged-in is not the case I mentioned, though.

Yep. Or what I suggested above.

Thanx a lot for the clarification, buddy; but replicating to various databases, even closed ones is and will be on my suggestion/wish list for future iterations of DT.

It’s actually impossible. Just like a Unix hard link is only possible on the same volume.

OK, Chris. Got it. Thanx.