Replicate To in Classify

I know that Option clicking on the “Move to” button in Classify changes the button to Replicate.

Is it possible to allow a user to set Replicate as the default?

The reason is that I virtually always replicate to rather than move to: I keep extracts of articles alongside the articles in a /Sources/ group, and then replicate the extracts into one or more groups in a separate topic/issues group tree.

Not a big deal, and living with Option clicking is not a hardship!



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Many things are possible, but it’s the only request of it’s kind we’ve seen. The request is noted though. :slight_smile:

Totally understood :wink:

I’d like to add my vote to this too - I’m using it almost always to replicate too so being able to reverse the behavior would be very helpful!

Same here, actually. If such an option was available, I would definitely set it to replicate by default.

Just to come back to this: for Keyboard Maestro users, a solution is simple (but only occurred to me recently).

A macro, active only when DevonThink is active, with just two actions:

The pause is necessary to stop the macro from ending as the option key is “released” when the macro finishes.

I’ve set this to open a simple palette which I click as needed i.e. when I’m going through my notes and replicating them into thematic groups.

Warning: You’ll need to be careful that you don’t do anything else where holding the option key down would alter DevonThink’s behaviour. Leaving the macro palette on screen is enough of a reminder for me.

On a related note, can the “Replicate to…” action be added to the main menus (perhaps under data?)

The option is available in the Classify Inspector (as mentioned above), and also in the context menu that comes up when a selection is right-clicked, but is not available in the main menu (or I could not find it). It could be similar to the existing “Move to…” or “Go to…” menu entries.

The use case is similar: I also find myself using replication a lot, and having a menu item (which can be assigned a shortcut) would make the flow easier.

The command was in DEVONthink 2.x but has been removed from version 3.x as replication in the same group is no longer supported.

This supports replicating by pressing the Cmd-Alt modifier keys.

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Awesome! Exactly what I needed. Also, only pressing the Alt/Option key also allows “Duplicate to…”.