"replicate to" with a keyboars shortcut


I wonder if it would be possible to implement a more simple way to replicate an item to a group: i mean pressing some keys while draging and dropping it or so.

I often find myself navigating a long way to the right folder when using the contextual menu…


Just press the command and option modifier keys (identical to creating an alias in the Finder via drag & drop).

Great, grazie mille!


Gerben, thanks for asking this question! I never knew about this terrific shortcut. I use replicants (sounds very Blade Runner) often and like you find it a pain to navigate via the contextual menu.

This only goes to show that even ‘gods’ have much to learn! Ha! :slight_smile:


I knew there was a reason that I got a clear picture of Rutger Hauer in my mind whenever I used DTP…

I learned about this method a few months (perhaps even a year?!) ago from a tip in the forum from the indefatigable Bill. I can hardly count the number of useful tips he’s provided here in this here forum, but, alas, as my business has increased, my forum-time has greatly diminished.

I just wish there were a comprehensive documentation, or (hint hint hint) a wiki, where these brilliances can be captured in a non-linear, non-chronological format. Since this forum is a goldmine of information that’s not contained anywhere else, doesn’t it make business sense to make this information available in a more convenient format?

Let the forum write the documentation for you. Set up a wiki and let these “secrets” be categorized, organized, and continually added-upon.

We had this, but no-one really participated. But, yes, it makes sense and we will go through the forum and publish tips, tricks, etc. in the DEVONacademy and on the blog.