Replicate to

Replicating an entry is always followed by moving the replicated entry to a new group. The menu selection for Replicate should be changed to Replicate To with a sub-menu of groups similar to Move To. This would save a step for an action I’m finding myself doing repeatedly.

Good idea.  I’ll second that!

I third it!

As there’s already a “Move to” menu, this shouldnt be too hard.

Also, a key combination (along the lines of using option-drag-drop to copy a file) would be great.

It’s not difficult, right. But creating dynamic menus in OS X is REALLY slow - the contextual menu is already delayed by the “Move To” menu (well, at least if your database contains 500 or more groups).

But Option-Command-D&D already creates replicants whereever you want…

Now why didnt I think of that?