Replicated parent folder - no mention of replicants neither in multiple subfolders nor in enclosed docs

In the following, I am referring to folders, not smart folders
I have a folder containing multiple subfolders, each containing multiple docs.
I replicated the parent folder to a special project group I am working on.
When I look at the replicant folder/subfolders/docs structure, the parent folder is correctly identified as a replicant in the information panel and appears in red italics in the listing but neither of the subfolders or docs appear in read italics and none of them are identified as replicants in the information panel-
thank you very much

That’s correct, the group was replicated (meaning that it has now multiple parent groups) but this doesn’t mean that the items in this group are replicated (they still have only one parent group). Just like creating an alias of a folder in the Finder doesn’t mean that all the items in the folder are aliased.

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Thank you Christian. I did not understand replication nor alias correctly.