Replicates taking up space after sending to trashcan?

I understood that no matter how many replicates of a file I make, the file-size stays the same.

However when I delete a replicate, it doesn’t disappear but there seems to go another physical file to the trashcan that takes up space until I delete it by emptying the trashcan?

Do replicates take up space anyway?
Is there some way to directly delete replicates? I don’t want them to go to the trashcan first, because I don’t need this extra security measure because I only delete the replicate, not the original.

Replicants reference the same item/file, therefore they don’t require additional disk space. But the only possibility to delete them directly would be to write a dedicated script.

Okay, thanks for your reply.

It would be good if you could see a replicant sitting in the trashcan. For the moment they show up in the trashcan as if they were original files consisting of the same bytes as the originals.
Rather confusing IMO.

The replicant doesn’t take up the space that the original takes. Just like a bookmark doesn’t take up the space that the website it links to takes.

So if these things are an irritant, why not just empty the trash?

I’m lazy and I want to be efficient. :wink: