Replicating a folder vs. files

When I replicate a folder with files in it to a new location… the new folder has a replicant icon, but the files inside the new location do not have either a replicant or duplicate icon, yet these are also in the original folder. Is this the expected behavior? I would like to replicate the folder and its contents.


Yes. If you replicate a group then the group’s contents won’t show an icon (unless you also replicated them somewhere).

Then replicate the group.

thanks for the reply, but I’m a bit confused: I did replicate the group and the group has files in it that are not duplicates or replicants, so what are they? If there were either, then wouldn’t they have one or the other icon? If I “show in finder” they are actually in the original folder, so then they should be replicants, so why dont they have an icon?

They are replicants but they’re replicated contents of the group.

You didn’t replicate the contents individually. You replicated the group.
Since a replicant is an instance of an item, any changes to the content of the group applies to both items - the group’s and the replicated group’s contents.

If you select a replicated subgroup then look at the Instances dropdown in the Info inspector, you’ll see the original subgroup’s location.

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